Three Mobile

Three Mobile

BRAND: Three Mobile

CAMPAIGN TITLE: Pay As You Go, Skype and Mobile Broadband

DATE: Summer 2008 to summer 2013

TARGET AUDIENCE: Tube users aged 18 – 34.

SUMMARY OF OBJECTIVES: These campaigns were brand lead and aimed at giving people a positive feeling towards the Three Mobile brand, however, we were also tasked with increasing footfall at nearby Three Mobile stores

CAMPAIGN: Three Mobile is a founder client with Sauce having run multiple campaigns each year since we launched in 2008. We have helped introduce their mobile data service and their windows messenger partnership amongst other brand lead campaigns.

Our campaigns with Three always carry one theme which ties with our agency ethos. We help them connect their brand’s values with people at a physical level. Be it through sampling Three branded products to proximity campaigns aimed at increase shop footfall, we always offer partnership lead field marketing campaigns.

We have had a lot of anecdotal feedback on the streets and the campaigns have all been very positively received. From announcements over the PA at busy stations to flexibility in moving to stations that have been closed we have been able to deliver a highly targeted fully flexible campaign for Three Mobile. We have always over-delivered on volume and staffing.

There’s a lot more on the products we’ve helped promote on the Three Mobile website

TESTIMONIAL: “A great campaign that really brought to life the mobile broadband proposition. It was brilliant to see people queuing to see our advertising! I was very happy with how the promotion ran” – Pippa Wybourne, Marketing Director

“Sauce have once again proven they can implement a highly targeted and flexible campaign that fits perfectly with Three’s strategy” – Susan Thomson – Account Director Mindshare


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