CAMPAIGN TITLE: Quietly Brilliant

DATE: Summer 2012

TARGET AUDIENCE: Adult Festival Goers 18+

THE TASK:  We were briefed with the task of raising awareness of the HTC Cha Cha handset and its involvement with British Summer festivals such as Global Gathering, Creamfields and The Norfolk Spectacular. HTC had a number of Zones at these events where the crowds could go to tell everyone what a great time they were having. The Zones had phone charging facilities, comfy sofas and entertainment such as DJs and bands. HTC customers were given VIP treatment in the Zones. It was Sauce’s job to get people into the Zones

THE CAMPAIGN: We provided a campaign using our labelzine bottle. Festival goers were given a free 500ml bottle of water as they arrived at the festival site. The label peeled back to reveal a small pocket size program. Our staff were on hand to direct revellers to the HTC Zone and give any further information needed. Everyone is grateful for a free bottle of water at a festival – a great way to show HTC understood its audience in this environment.

THE TESTIMONIAL:  “Everyone at HTC and The Lounge thought the bottles of water did a great job in getting people to the arena. Sauce offered a creative response that delivered exactly what we need to amplify our festival activity” – Dave Powell, Account Director, The Lounge.


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