Colgate Pro Clinical C200

Colgate Pro Clinical C200

BRAND: Colgate and Absolute Radio

CAMPAIGN TITLE: Toothbrush Amnesty

DATE: Summer 2013


THE TASK: Implementation and logistical management of the ‘On The Road’ campaign.

THE CAMPAIGN: Absolute Radio listeners were encouraged to send in their toothbrushes to the breakfast show. In return they receiuved the brand new Colgate Pro Clinical C200. Sauce managed the sampling logistics of this campaign including the receipt of all 4,500 used brushes and delivery of new product. It was a big logistical job that involved relying on our network of storage and distribution.

We worked on this campaign from briefing stage including brainstorming and working with the client through the whole process.

THE TESTIMONIAL:  “Sauce helped deliver an incredibly efficient campaign and took the stress out of sampling activity, something we do not specialize in but they clearly do. This confirms why we work with them for our implementation of On The Road and the added revenue on the board means we will continue to do so” – Louise Simkins – Business Development Director, Absolute Radio

Have a look at how it looked and sounded over at Absolute Radio



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