British Gas

British Gas

BRAND: British Gas


DATE: Summer 2012

TARGET AUDIENCE: Primary: ABC1 Tube Commuters Secondary: Families

THE TASK:  Sauce was given the task of promoting Big Dip to commuters in the South London area of the tube. Big Dip was a large swimming event at Clapham Common but our brief also included communicating the benefits of being a British Gas customer, which included free entry to the event!

THE CAMPAIGN: Over a week long period we positioned our Brand Ambassadors at four different locations per AM and PM shift. They distributed branded bottled water as it was agreed this product has a great hook with the event. Brand to hand for a company that can’t hand out its own product for free. Our staff were on hand to direct the target audience to the event. Further details were on the label and staff were on hand to describe the benefits of the British Gas offering, in addition to the Big Dip event details..

THE TESTIMONIAL:  “Sauce offered a great platform to promote British Gas Big Dip and further engage with the local audience. They delivered a highly targeted campaign and went the extra mile to make sure it was a success. Working with them was very easy and they delivered throughout” – Natasha Williams, Account Director, Carat Sponsorship

Here’s an interesting blog on the British Gas site that talks about the Big Dip!


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